A Case of the Monday’s on Tuesday

It’s been one of those days. The hunger pains keep coming and no amount of booby milk seems to make them go away. The folks have me up to 140 ml now and that seems to work some feedings. I did convince Pops to give me 165 ml after enough crying and grunting. He’s learning. Speaking of Pops, I made him change his shirt today 3 times. Twice I spit up on him and the other time, well, let’s just say the diaper lost the battle. The old man should know better by now than to put on a clean shirt right before feeding me.

This weekend was much better; I had some visitors. Grandma Pyne was in town for a seminar, but I think that was just an excuse. She feed me and let me sleep on her. The Hardy’s, some friends of the folks, came down from Raleigh too. The dude has less hair than me and a big round head. He’s funny looking, but he seems okay. He held me a while and then his old lady held me a while. I slept through it all, except when I pooped in their laps. Luckily for them the diaper held.

Of course, the weekend ends, Mommny goes to work and Pops goes into his office and bangs away on that keyboard.  I make noises, but he pretends not to hear me. No one wants to hold me during the week. They just crack jokes about how I am a stinky baby and they laugh back and forth to each other about it. Why is that so funny??

Oh well, time to make more baby noises so, maybe, I can get Pops to feed me.

Izaak P. Mitchell, Esq.

Does This Seem Fair?


One response to “A Case of the Monday’s on Tuesday

  1. It sounds like you have succeeded in letting Mommy and Daddy know who the boss is. Good going, Izaak. Love, MaMa

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