A Visit to the Doc

So Pops took me to see the doctor today. He complains about having to take time out of his work day to take me,  but I say he needs to either not take me or shut it. It’s always worse for me than it is for him. He doesn’t get that thermometer stuck where it doesn’t belong. Not to mention, today, I was stuck with 4 different needles. They think I’ll get Polio and Hepatitis and a whole bunch of other undesirable problems if they don’t keep sticking those needles in me–right in my leg and that old lady nurse wasn’t very delicate about it. I thought shots were supposed to go in the rump where I have a little padding!

So, I find out while at the doctor’s office that Pops is taking me to get 4 shots and telling me the whole time that it’s going to be alright, but he has a shot he still needs to get and has just been putting off. Way to set an example Daddy! I’ve had my Whooping Cough shot, now man up and go get yours!

On to the stuff you really care about; I am now 8 pounds and 7 ounces compared to 6 pounds and 7 ounces from 3 weeks ago. I am 1.5 inches taller. I’m not getting any college scholarships yet, but I am now 21 inches tall. I’ve been eating 150 ml each feeding for about the last week. Three weeks ago I was only eating 80 or 90. Doc said that 150 was  probably the limit for me for a while because it’s the upper level for even full-term babies that are 2 to 4 months old.  Apparently this Doctor doesn’t know me very well. Keep the booby milk coming Mommy. I can take more!

That’s about it for today. Pops has promised to feed me after I finish this post.

Izaak P. Mitchell,  Esq.


One response to “A Visit to the Doc

  1. I hear your pain, kid. We’re planning a rescue – the great escape!!! Don’t let mommy or daddy examine the cake that’s on the way to your cell.
    Luv ya!

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