At Least It Wasn’t JMU

The second game ever for me and they tried their best to make me regret putting on my Hokie onesy. A win is a win, but boy did it look like the diaper I dealt to Pops this morning. The defense looked good, but what a pitiful display by the offense. Pops said I should get used to that and to his screaming at the TV every time another run up the middle is called by the offensive braintrust. I’ve never had to see a Hokie loss, so I can’t complain too much yet. 

 It looks like next weekend I’ll be hanging out with the Wilmington Hokie Alumni Association. We’ll see what that bunch of crazies are like.

Me and the Folks just got back from a mini-vacation to Myrtle Beach, so I’ll have something to say about that in the coming days. In the meantime, everyone hope the Hokies can pull it together by the time they have to play a real team.

Izaak P. Mitchell Esq.

Getting suited up and ready for the kick-off



One response to “At Least It Wasn’t JMU

  1. Izaak, I think you have more Hokie outfits than most of Tech’s undergrads! You know you’re going to have to move to VA to avoid having to pay out-of-state tuition, unless you decide to become a blue devil instead.

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