Hokies Win Again!

Well, the Hokies won again on Saturday, but they still have me worried about how they are going to do against a good team. I may have to suit up and get on that offensive line if we are going to beat Clemson.

Luckily, I’ve talked the Folks into staying at home to watch the game next weekend. They took me to that Sweet-N-Savory place again to watch the game out on their deck. I don’t know if they realize it or not, but it’s hot, sticky, loud and there is no AC. I think they learned their lesson after I let out a few screams. They took me inside so I could watch the game in the restaurant and stay cool. It also kept away a lot of groping hands. Those people pass me around like I’m football, and I’m afraid one of those baby-loving women are going to fumble.

There’s more football tonight. Let’s go Skins!! Don’t let me down.  The Hokies are 4-0 and the Skins are 2-0. I don’t like to lose, and you don’t want to see me when I’m angry.


One response to “Hokies Win Again!

  1. What a big smile. You are so cute. I think it is time for another hurricane. This time bring Mommy. Lots of love to you, MaMa

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