The Doc Lady is on My List

So I had an appointment with the Doc lady yesterday. It’s been a while, about 2 months, and the last time they stuck me with a bunch of needles. I didn’t think they would try something like that again. I was wrong.

It went well in the beginning. They weighed me and measured my head and the Folks talked about how much I was eating, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The Doc lady thought it was great that I could recognize their faces and voices. I was thinking they must let anyone become doctors nowadays. Of course I recognize the Folks. They feed me! I have to know who to hold responsible when I am not fed in a timely manner.

After all the chit chat and going over some new forms, I was thinking this wasn’t so bad and we were ready to hit the road. Not so fast. The nurse came back in and out came the needles–one in my right leg, the other in my left. I was not shy in voicing my displeasure, and it’s a good thing they couldn’t understand the exact words I was trying to say.

Mommy made it better, but I did get to say my peace. The Doc lady and the nurse are on my list and it is not a list you want to be on. 

There is some good news. I am now 12.6 pounds, which is about 12lbs, 10 oz. That puts me on the growth chart for babies that are a true 4 months old, so I’m gaining ground. Also, Mommy bought me this great new toy I can look at. I need to lay more on my side for a while so the back of my head doesn’t turn out so flat. I can lay on my side and look at this contraption. It plays music, stuff moves, there are bubbles and lights are everywhere–it’s pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now.

Other than the Doc playing her little games, it’s been a pretty good week. It has taken a while to get over the Hokie loss, but we have another game this week.

Go Hokies!

Izaak P. Mitchell, Esq.


One response to “The Doc Lady is on My List

  1. Izaak, I can hardly believe you weighed 3 lbs .15 ounces when you came into this world. You have the cutest fat cheeks. It looks like you have gotten a little sun on them. W0W What a Doll!!! Your Mom and Dad are doing a wondeful job.Love, MaMa

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