I Love Peach Ice Cream and I’m Already Scared of Halloween

This past weekend, Mom and I took a trip to West Point to visit the Grandfolks up there as well as my Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsey. Not sure who is doing the naming in Virginia, but they need to get their act together. I have two Uncle Mikes? Both in Virginia? I’m really supposed to keep this straight! Not likely.

Anyway, while in West Point, I was coddled a lot. People took their turns holding me. Some received little surprises in return. They had a little surprise for me. I got to eat Peach ice cream (shhh, don’t tell Pops). It is now my favorite thing in the world. Sorry Penguin. Sorry Hokie Bird. Sorry Mommy.

Pops was away for the weekend at his little writer’s conference in Myrtle Beach. He gets to go to the beach all by himself for a whole weekend and stay at the Hilton on the water. Am I the only one wondering if there is such a thing as a writer’s conference? If so, do they really get anything accomplished? I’m sure he had fun hobnobbing with those uppity people. He told me he was one of the youngest there. I have a hard time believing that. Pops is the oldest person I know.

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of eating, sleeping and growing. Not sure how much I weigh right now, but I’m having a hard time seeing my toes.  I’m starting to sleep longer through the nights. Mommy bundles me up really warm so I don’t want to wake up. That seems like a shady tactic to me. She is missing out on all the fun we can have in the middle of the night when Pops is asleep. 

My first Halloween is coming up this weekend. I don’t really understand this holiday. Mom assures me it’s great fun, but it sounds a bit ridiculous. A bunch of weirdos dressed up to look even more weird, running around in the middle of the night asking for candy and throwing toilet paper in trees. I guess I shouldn’t knock it till I try it, but I’ve never had any use for toilet paper. Does that mean I can throw diapers in the trees?

Mom also says my costume is her greatest accomplishment, so I guess you guys should stay tuned. She is talking it up so much around the house it’s destined for disappointment, but I’ll let her have a few minutes of fun.

I really have nothing  more to add. Stay tuned after Halloween. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about the Folks and their shenanigans.

Izaak P. Mitchell, Esq.

Oh yeah, one more thing.



One response to “I Love Peach Ice Cream and I’m Already Scared of Halloween

  1. I absolutely looove this. So super cute. Mommy and Pops are great with the camera. Tell them to keep it up. Lots of LOVE to you from Mitchell’s Crossroads, MaMa

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