Mom is Scaring Me

OK, so come to find out Halloween is one of Mommy’s favorite holidays.  I am destined to a future of many embarrassing moments.  Here is the first…   For my very first Halloween, Mom found this bib that makes me look like I am wearing a tie and a pocket protector (neither of which I know why anyone wears, and come to find out only the very few who don’t care what they wear use pocket protectors).  Anyway, this bib got Mom to thinking how funny it would be if she dressed me up as my Grandpa Pyne and then took many pictures of me doing things he does.  Mom was so giddy riding me around town and setting me up in different poses.  I thought as soon as Pops knew what was going on he would save me – but NO, it became clear he was in on it when Mommy needed help with a photo.  Below is their Halloween creation.  If  this is the beginning, I am scared for future years.

Izaak as “James C. Pyne, Ph.D, P.E., BCEE”

At a wastewater treatment plant…

Thinking about building a boat…

Ham radio on his laptop…

Leisure reading…

Showing Christene how to use a sliderule…



One response to “Mom is Scaring Me

  1. I can hear Izaak’s thoughts, “OK, I’m going to show you one more time, Mom. Try to pay attention this time – you will have to know how to use a slide rule if we lose all power and neither your computer nor your calculator can work.”

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