Happy Birthday Mommy!!

This past weekend we celebrated Mommy’s birthday. She acted like she didn’t care because of the big number associated with it, but when the weekend came it was “All Hail the Queen.” Pops wasn’t any better. He took it as an opportunity to eat whatever he wanted and take it easy. The two of them even went out to some fancy schmancy steakhouse and left me behind. I got back though; Mrs. Nancy Fowler will think twice about babysitting me again. I don’t understand why they didn’t want to take me with them. I know how to behave in public.

The weather was really nice all weekend long, which, of course, Mommy took as a sign owing to the fact it was her birthday weekend. I think I even heard her call it her birthday month! Because the weather was nice, there was talk about going to the beach. I was excited, because I barely remember the last time I got to go to the beach–I was a youngster then. The talk was just that, but they did go to the new little park that recently opened up around the corner. It was nice and there was water, but it was certainly no beach.

The Folks did give me one treat. They broke out the strawberries again. I don’t know why they don’t give me one every day. I would probably act a little nicer if they did.

Apparently, February is a big month for birthdays. My Great MaMa Semones had hers on the 2nd, Uncle Ez on the 16th, Mommy on the 18th and my Papa Mitchell the 22nd. That’s a lot of gifts when I get a job.

It’s about time to get ready for the trip to Hillsville, so I need to sign off.

Happy Birthday Great Mama Semones! Happy Birthday Uncle Ez! Happy Birthday Papa Mitchell! And Happy Birthday Mommy! If I forgot anyone, blame the Folks.

Izaak P. Mitchell


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Mommy!!

  1. PaPa Mitchell needs to get you a tractor to go with that John Deere cap! Have fun in Hillsville and try to keep your dad out of trouble.

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