Happy New Year!

I have a lot of hope for 2013. Things have started to look up around the ol’ homestead. Strange happenings have been afoot in the last couple of weeks. I have another blog post to cover that weirdness. In summary, it’s a good weirdness, as I have gotten better food, more time with the folks, alien like experiences and lots of boxes to tear open and new toys to play with.


The big topic is the new year: 2012 is out and 2013 is the new fad. The world didn’t end (dodged one there), so everyone back to work. Like most of you, I have a few New Year’s resolutions of my own. Before we get to that, I would like to evaluate my resolutions from the past year. In case you have more important things to do than remember my resolutions from 2012, here they are:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Feed myself
  • Sit up without help
  • Stop spitting up
  • Dunk a basketball


For those who can’t count, I had 6 resolutions. I can now walk, sit up without help and feed myself. I no longer spit up and I do have a vocabulary. This vocabulary only consists of about 15 words, but it does exist. As far as dunking a basketball is concerned, I may have jumped the shark with that one. However, I’m closer to that goal than Pops, considering he moves further away from that goal with every breath and I’m getting closer. So, 5 out of 6 on New Year’s resolutions—top that!

Now for my 2013 resolutions:

  • Increase my vocabulary
  • Learn to use a spoon or a spork
  • Open doors with round handles
  • Figure out how to get more food from the “ladies” at daycare
  • Escape my crib so I can scare Mom and Pops in the middle of the night
  • Learn to go forwards in my plastic car
  • Develop a more harmonious relationship with the cats to better manipulate the Folks (more treats and outside time for all of us)
  • Use my Jedi mind tricks to remove Bryan Stinespring and his band of misfits from having control over the Hokies’ offense.


Check back at the end of 2013 to see how resolute I really am. I’ll say this: my mindset is clear. In the words of some weird guy in a NASA documentary Pops made me watch, “Failure is not an option!”

Happy New Year Everyone!

Izaak P. Mitchell