One Day Goes By and Now I’m Twice as Old

It seems like just last week, I was only 1, now I’m the big 2.0. A lot of good things happened on and around my big b-day. Mom let me have a cupcake all to myself. I think I did a good job pretending to like it.


I really had 2 birthdays. One was in Hillsville the week before the actual big day. I got presents from Mama and Papa Mitchell and the rest of my Mitchell side. I hung out with my older Cuz, CC. She and I get along pretty well:, she does have a hard time understanding that I claim things as mine and that means they are mine. She’ll get the hang of it before I learn to share.

I also got to sit on a big combine. Uncle Ez and Papa Mitchell made that happen. I was absolutely not getting out of town without a pic on that big contraption. You may not be aware, but there is a bit of a duel going on between the Mitchell’s and Pyne’s–Ford vs. John Deere. I’m the pawn in their little game, so here is a strong move from the Mitchell side.


My second birthday, the day of my birthday, was more or less like any other day. I went to daycare and hung out with my buddies while the Folks went to work. After that, we had dinner and a cupcake. I opened more presents and went to bed. That was a Friday, so my b-day sort of crept into the weekend. I took it easy, just playing around the house with the Folks and the cats. We had some good eats, watched a movie or two and I saw Amber (one of my babysitters and followers) on Sunday.

What I have a hard time coming to terms with is that I am now twice as old as I used to be. At this rate, I’ll be an old man before I know how to use the potty. That’s another thing the big 2.0 brings. I have to learn how to do my business in a bowl. Don’t know why that’s so important? Seems to me, going in a diaper is just as reasonable as going into a bowl attached to the floor. I suppose I’ll cooperate, just so I’m not made fun of at school. Those 3 year old kids can be brutal.

That’s reminds me of even another gripe I have about getting old. They moved me up to another room at school. Just as I was getting used to my Toddler 2 teachers and classmates, they throw me into a bigger class with different teachers, different kids. Now I have to convince another group of people that I am the coolest one in the room. If that were not enough, I don’t get to play with any of the old toys or playground equipment I used to play with. You’d think with an upward move at this establishment that the playground would be better. You’d be wrong.

That’s enough moaning from this old timer. I want to thank everyone for their gifts and cards on my big day. Hopefully, I’ll get around to another post soon.

Izaak P. Mitchell