Trying to Catch Up

Time is flying by, especially since the New Year, and I’ve had no time to blog. The folks had me in daycare 3 days a week, the other 2 days I spent keeping Pops on task. Now that summer is here, things are slowing down, so I can take some time to catch everyone up. I am now in daycare 5 days a week and Pops puts on the tie, slick shirt, nice pants and heads into the office to make money for my college tuition. I still let him have some time to play a bit on the weekends. He likes to throw the ball so I humor him.


I’m learning a lot at daycare now that I’m a full-timer, which means my buddy list is getting a little longer. I still have my two ladies on the weekends, Abby and Amber, that take care of me for a few hours on Sundays. I’m out spreading my love so everyone can get a least a little piece of me. This does mean a lot of traveling.

Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve been on many a trip and some family have come down for a visit. The Folks like to say these people are coming down to see them, but we all know the truth. They’ve become much more popular in the last 2 years and it isn’t because they’re suddenly more charming. I even have some coming down from Connecticut to see me. That is so far away that I really have no idea where it is; and they have a really funny way of speaking.


I’ve been to Hillsville twice this year, once with just Pops (Mom had to study) and again with the whole family to celebrate my b-day. I saw most of the Mitchell clan and hung out with cousin CC. She and I get along pretty well, though she seems to have a hard time understanding that I claim things as mine and when I do, that means hands off. She’ll catch on sooner or later. Hopefully before I take seriously this ludicrous idea of sharing.


Mom and I also went to Luray to see Paw Paw and the rest of the Long family. I like heading up that way, but why such a long drive? Can’t they move closer to me? FYI, Luray people, it’s a lot warmer down here, and I will have a bit more energy if I only have to drive around the corner to visit you.


Once Mom and I got there, we had a good time. I played catch with Paw Paw. He didn’t realize that Pops and I practice all the time, so he was amazed by my skills. While Pops should get a little credit for helping me practice, I was really born with this incredible talent.


I spent some time with Cousin Matthew. He seems like a cool kid. He brought his cool car track that we played with. Someone has taught him to share, which is good for me now, but I can already see the writing on the wall: in the very near future, people are going to expect me to share. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, but I’m not making any promises. Matthew and I also had fun chasing each other around Paw Paw’s house. I’m trying to keep everything tight, so it was good to get in a bit of exercise.

I think I’ll have more time to share in the coming months. I just got back from a trip to Raleigh-Durham and have tons of things to share about that, so stayed tuned for another post coming real soon.

Izaak P. Mitchell




One Day Goes By and Now I’m Twice as Old

It seems like just last week, I was only 1, now I’m the big 2.0. A lot of good things happened on and around my big b-day. Mom let me have a cupcake all to myself. I think I did a good job pretending to like it.


I really had 2 birthdays. One was in Hillsville the week before the actual big day. I got presents from Mama and Papa Mitchell and the rest of my Mitchell side. I hung out with my older Cuz, CC. She and I get along pretty well:, she does have a hard time understanding that I claim things as mine and that means they are mine. She’ll get the hang of it before I learn to share.

I also got to sit on a big combine. Uncle Ez and Papa Mitchell made that happen. I was absolutely not getting out of town without a pic on that big contraption. You may not be aware, but there is a bit of a duel going on between the Mitchell’s and Pyne’s–Ford vs. John Deere. I’m the pawn in their little game, so here is a strong move from the Mitchell side.


My second birthday, the day of my birthday, was more or less like any other day. I went to daycare and hung out with my buddies while the Folks went to work. After that, we had dinner and a cupcake. I opened more presents and went to bed. That was a Friday, so my b-day sort of crept into the weekend. I took it easy, just playing around the house with the Folks and the cats. We had some good eats, watched a movie or two and I saw Amber (one of my babysitters and followers) on Sunday.

What I have a hard time coming to terms with is that I am now twice as old as I used to be. At this rate, I’ll be an old man before I know how to use the potty. That’s another thing the big 2.0 brings. I have to learn how to do my business in a bowl. Don’t know why that’s so important? Seems to me, going in a diaper is just as reasonable as going into a bowl attached to the floor. I suppose I’ll cooperate, just so I’m not made fun of at school. Those 3 year old kids can be brutal.

That’s reminds me of even another gripe I have about getting old. They moved me up to another room at school. Just as I was getting used to my Toddler 2 teachers and classmates, they throw me into a bigger class with different teachers, different kids. Now I have to convince another group of people that I am the coolest one in the room. If that were not enough, I don’t get to play with any of the old toys or playground equipment I used to play with. You’d think with an upward move at this establishment that the playground would be better. You’d be wrong.

That’s enough moaning from this old timer. I want to thank everyone for their gifts and cards on my big day. Hopefully, I’ll get around to another post soon.

Izaak P. Mitchell


Happy New Year!

I have a lot of hope for 2013. Things have started to look up around the ol’ homestead. Strange happenings have been afoot in the last couple of weeks. I have another blog post to cover that weirdness. In summary, it’s a good weirdness, as I have gotten better food, more time with the folks, alien like experiences and lots of boxes to tear open and new toys to play with.


The big topic is the new year: 2012 is out and 2013 is the new fad. The world didn’t end (dodged one there), so everyone back to work. Like most of you, I have a few New Year’s resolutions of my own. Before we get to that, I would like to evaluate my resolutions from the past year. In case you have more important things to do than remember my resolutions from 2012, here they are:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Feed myself
  • Sit up without help
  • Stop spitting up
  • Dunk a basketball


For those who can’t count, I had 6 resolutions. I can now walk, sit up without help and feed myself. I no longer spit up and I do have a vocabulary. This vocabulary only consists of about 15 words, but it does exist. As far as dunking a basketball is concerned, I may have jumped the shark with that one. However, I’m closer to that goal than Pops, considering he moves further away from that goal with every breath and I’m getting closer. So, 5 out of 6 on New Year’s resolutions—top that!

Now for my 2013 resolutions:

  • Increase my vocabulary
  • Learn to use a spoon or a spork
  • Open doors with round handles
  • Figure out how to get more food from the “ladies” at daycare
  • Escape my crib so I can scare Mom and Pops in the middle of the night
  • Learn to go forwards in my plastic car
  • Develop a more harmonious relationship with the cats to better manipulate the Folks (more treats and outside time for all of us)
  • Use my Jedi mind tricks to remove Bryan Stinespring and his band of misfits from having control over the Hokies’ offense.


Check back at the end of 2013 to see how resolute I really am. I’ll say this: my mindset is clear. In the words of some weird guy in a NASA documentary Pops made me watch, “Failure is not an option!”

Happy New Year Everyone!

Izaak P. Mitchell


What Happens At Daycare, Should Stay At Daycare!

So the folks like to say I’m pesky. They say it jokingly, so I was shocked when a normal day turned into DAYCARE! Is my peskiness forcing them to get rid of me? Three days this past week that started off normal enough eventually turned into strangers changing my diaper and wiping my butt. I should have known something was up when Mom was so concerned about what I was to wear during the day. I’m starting to think I should be looking for a job. The Folks aren’t kidding about getting me out of the house. At the very least, I have until I’m 18 when they throw me out on the streets.

Izaak 12-09-2012 014

Daycare sounds scary at first, but the place isn’t so bad. They feed me and do so on a schedule, which is much better than waiting on Pops to get around to putting something on a plate for me. I also like having a few people around that aren’t giants. They understand how I feel about being told “no” all the time, being flung around like a rag doll at the whim of giants, getting your butt wiped for you, and having things stuffed up your nose at the first sign of a sniffle.

Of course, there are a few of these half-sizers I don’t understand; the ones that have an issue eating their food. Why in the wide, wide world of sports would you not eat your food? I’m constantly yelling at the folks for more. “Yummies” I yell and generally without the result I would like. I don’t have to yell this at the daycare. These kids just don’t realize: starving kids in Rocky Point and they are turning down perfectly good grub.

As cool as I am, I was a bit concerned about going to daycare. But with the food flowing like wine and the time I get to play outside, it’s a pretty cool situation. I get to play outside at home sometimes, but Pops is too busy to let me go out when I want, and once I wave “bye” to Mom in the morning I don’t see her again until it’s dark.

Izaak 12-09-2012 021

There is one downside to this daycare business. I would have thought, being out of the Folks’ sight and out on my own, that I would have a bit of privacy. I have my fun at the daycare, but I don’t want the folks to think I’m having too much fun. I try to put on the frowny, pouty face as if I believed I would never see them again when they pick me up, but I didn’t realize I would be getting a report card every day. EVERY DAY!!! They know what I eat. They know what I play with. They even know when I get my diaper changed and what was in said diaper. I was a fool to think what happens at daycare, stays at daycare.

Until I get some discretion from the adults at daycare, or they institute pure Vegas rules, I’ll play knowing all will be reported. Of course, I’ll be working on a plan to pawn my shenanigans off on those non-eaters while sneaking their fruit cocktail.

Before leaving I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Pyne! See you at Christmas.

Izaak P. Mitchell

Izaak 12-09-2012 016

I’m The Big 1.0

Yep, that’s right—1.0!  Mom is big into decimal points. At the end of June she says I’ll be 1.083333: a bit of the nerd showing itself. I spent my birthday on the Outer Banks with Grandma and Grandpa Pyne. Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsey showed up with puppy-dogs: Abby and Partner. The puppy-dogs and I barked and played together. They seem like a cool little crowd, though Partner thinks he’s better than me. He’s the same age, but he can walk, he listens to commands and doesn’t need a diaper. We’ll see how this picture changes in a year or two when Partner is still pooping in the yard, chewing on furniture and shedding everywhere.

I Don’t Need Your Help Mom–Clip Your Toenails Pops!

Grandma Pyne and Aunt Lindsey took me to the NC Aquarium while Mom and Pops went fishing with Grandpa Pyne and Uncle Mike. They spent all day searching the ocean for tuna. I took a 10 minute ride down the road and saw a whole bunch of them corralled for my viewing pleasure. I wonder who had the most productive day.

At the end of our fish watching, Aunt Lindsey introduced me to Otto. It was obvious from the get-go that we’d be best pals.

I still have an affinity for my cats, but Otto lets me squeeze him and chew on his tail anytime I wish. The cats are all attitude when I start chewing on them.

Eventually, Mom and Pops packed their bags for Dallas to Uncle Bill’s wedding. They left me behind to torment Grandma and Grandpa. The Grandfolks seemed to have a good time and they kept me fed, which means I had a good time. Grandma has a strange addiction to Finding Nemo. She used me as a cover, saying she watched it because it put me to sleep (it did), but I think she really just felt like watching it each and every night. I have to question her love of clown fish? I thought clowns were supposed to be scary.

Eventually, Mom and Pops got back from their journey across the states and informed me that there is now an Aunt Amy and a new baby on the way. Just what I need—more competition. I suppose I can be a good sport and give the young’un some advice. Don’t do what your Pops thinks is cool.  That “blow’em up” thing he does with his hand—lame.

Now we’re back home, but things are far from normal. Mom runs around saying “There’s a fungus among us.” I’m still not sure if I want to inherit the Pyne humor gene or the Mitchell humor gene. There has to be a better option. Anyway, somewhere in my travels, I picked up a touch of the ringworm. Now I have Mom rubbing jock itch cream all over me to kill this bothersome “worm.” It’s not so bad. I get a nice massage as she rubs it in. She goes overboard, saying she read, heard (made-up) that what you see is only a small part of the entire fungus, so I get a complete rubdown. Certainly a massage is not so bad after a long day of rearranging Mom and Pops’ bedroom, so I don’t complain.

In other news, we have a brand spanking new deck. Uncle Mike, Aunt Lindsey and their friends Zach and Abby came down, with the dogs, to build us a new deck. It’s awesome and I’ve already gotten comfortable on it. Check me out enjoying the great outdoors in my new “Jimmy Buffet” outfit I got for my birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Pyne.

Wastin’ Away Again…

The fashion show continues, as I got plenty of clothes for my big 1.0. The Connecticut crowd is getting in early trying to make me a Red Sox fan. Cousins Phoenix and Mike sent me some Red Sox gear. The clothes look pretty cool, especially on me. However, Pops is a Braves fan so I don’t know how this is going to go over. At least it’s not Yankees attire.

On the home front, I’m eating on my own more nowadays. Mom and Pops share their food, finally! In the last few weeks I’ve had pizza, steak, fish, lima beans (not so bad), chips and salsa, refried beans, shrimp, avocado and the list goes on and on and on. Put it on a spoon or in a plate in front of me and I’ll eat it. I’ll give anything a shot now that I have my teeth coming in.

I want to end with a belated Happy Father’s Day to my Pops as well as my Grandpappies Mitchell and Pyne. I’ll be seeing each of you soon.

Izaak P. Mitchell

Get In My Belly!

Happy Mother’s Day–Belatedly!!

I’m running a bit behind schedule with all I have on my plate, but Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I know we had our differences throughout that first special day of yours, but I want you to know I’m just toughening you up for the future. Also, because I tested you on the first one, the others will seem so much the better. See, always thinking of you in everything I do!

I would also like to say Happy Mother’s Day to my other mothers: MaMa Mitchell, Grandma Pyne, Great Grandma Semones and Great Grammie Pyne.

Izaak P. Mitchell